Tips to keep your dog safe this winter!

Ania Wlodarczyk @ 2019-12-19 12:32:44 +0000

The days might finally be getting longer again but they aren’t getting warmer! We have compiled a list of handy tips to keep your dog safe this winter!

Snow removal – Although we all love making snow angels and snow dogs, it can be dangerous to your dog. Make sure you are cleaning your pet’s paws after their time outside to prevent frostbite and pad cracking.


Increase intervals between bath time- whether they love it or hate it bath time can sometimes be an absolute must. But in winter your dogs need fewer baths to keep their skin from getting dry and causing discomfort. When it is bath time make sure to use dog-friendly shampoo, we love the Animology range, available in-store at Jurassic Bark!

 Know your pet’s limits- some dogs are more susceptible to the cold than others. Adjust your time outside as hypothermia and frostbite are major health risks to dogs. Even consider wrapping them up in a sweater or coat if they are short-haired to protect them that little more, we have windproof and waterproof Outhwaite Dog Coats available in-store!

Antifreeze prevention- antifreeze is tasty to dogs so after you’ve been out walking make sure to wipe their paws as they might try and lick it off, although it might be tasty to man’s best friend it really is poisonous!

Keep them on the lead this winter- More pets are lost in winter than any other season! If you’ve had heavy snowfall make sure to keep them on the lead as they might not be able to recognise their way home if they do get lost! At Jurassic Bark we stock a range of amazing leads and harnesses, find them here.


Be careful with your dog around water- If you live near a body of water take care with your dog off the leash. If they are walking on a frozen lake or pond this can be highly dangerous as they can easily fall through.