Romania Dog Rescue

Lionel Partidge @ 2019-03-05 14:19:46 +0000

So many sad posts nowadays on social media, about dog rescue etc, I thought I just had to go and see. So have just spent a few days visiting a very ambitious rescue centre at Ineu in Romania,

Jason from A Better Life Dog Rescue based in Essex is currently out there setting up what is a very ambitious project with such massive potential and Im pretty certain it will be successful.

Ineu, a small town in Romania, has a very forward thinking Mayor who realises the problems Romania faces with masses of "street dogs" . No Acana or Eden for these dogs, just whatever they can find on their day scouring the local area.

The Mayor has provided 5 buildings that were once an Army barracks, each building is 80 metres by 16 metres but need major works done on them really, BUT it has enabled the project to get off the ground.

Currently, Jason has around 160 dogs at the centre, and has set up a register for them enabling all injections etc are logged and also a huge programme to Neuter and Spey all dogs there, I think in the past 12 months, something like 1,000 dogs have passed through the shelter, so this takes not only the 1,000 dogs off the street, but when you work out the number of puppies NOT being born over the next few years, you realise quite what an impact this will have.

Over the weekend, I saw 16 dogs being speyed, along with lots getting their Rabies injections, Thanks to two Romanian vets who travelled some 6 hours to help out, then on Sunday, another Romanian vet came in to do post op examinations and deal with anything else needed, I have a lot of respect for all of these people making a major contribution for very little reward.

When I arrived in Ineu, I saw at least 10 street dogs as I walked towards the hotel, when I left at 1.30 in the morning, one dog I had made friends with was there to see me off and im sure would have come with me if he could, (see pics)   

Jurassic Bark intend to have a fund raising day in the very near future in aid of this centre to help in some small way, and this year we intend to have a few days where we will donate a percentage of our daily take to different charities etc, so any suggestions let us know

Thank You