Don't be mean, go green with Jurassic Bark

Ania Wlodarczyk @ 2019-09-19 11:17:45 +0100

Find out how we're making the world a little greener, each paw print at a time.

It seems everyone's talking about climate change, and with good reason. But Jurassic Bark didn't just want to join the conversation; we wanted to take action.  We want to reduce our carbon footprint in our lovely little corner of Norfolk.

With lots of alarming statistics and data hitting the headlines each week, it inspired the team to transform ourselves into eco-warriors.  Keep reading to discover what we're up to, and how both you and your pet can get involved!



Does your cat eat wet food? If so, you'll know that the pet pouches that the food comes in aren't recyclable at home, which means there's a huge amount of packaging going into landfills. As pet owners ourselves, we understand just how frustrating this can be. This is why we came up with a pretty nifty solution that we're rather proud of (if we do say so ourselves.) You can now bring your used wet food pouches into the store, and we'll recycle them for you! So far, it's proved extremely popular with our customers, and we're recycling a minimum of four bags a week, which is fantastic. You can pop your pet pouches into either of stores, and one of our lovely team members will be happy to help you.


However, that's not all our green fingers have been getting up to in-store. All of our delicious frozen food gets delivered in large polystyrene tubs which, before now, have been thrown away in the bin. With our new determination to make the world a little greener, we decided to push back on our suppliers to see if there was any alternative solution. And voila, there was! We now collect all the tubs until we've made a pretty impressive polystyrene tower of around 40 containers, which we then send back to the supplier for them to re-use. It turns out Tesco were right; every little does help.



Did you know that each year it's estimated than an eye-watering 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used and thrown away? Yikes. As a result, Jurassic Bark is now proud to announce that we'll be swapping all our plastic bags for paper bags in both our stores. If you pop into either our Littleport or Downham Market shop and stock up on goodies for your furry friend you'll now get a biodegradable paper bag to take away with you. Make sure you put it into your recycling bin once you get home!


If you're looking to buy into more ethical pet brands, then Jurassic Bark is the place to be. We stock a range of products that are kind to the environment and feature recyclable packaging. First up is Goood, which offers sustainable premium dog food that doesn't come at the expense of animal welfare or the environment. Win, win. If that wasn't enough, Goood has also won the Ethical Award, so you can sleep easy at night knowing you're doing your bit. Check out their delicious range of wet food, dry food and treats, which include free range chicken, organic turkey and sustainable fish. Of course, we couldn't be chatting about eco-friendly pet brands without mentioning Norfolk's very own Pooch's. Pooch's source all their meat from Norfolk Butchers and East Anglia suppliers and their product packaging are fuss-free and friendly to the environment. Lovely.



If you'd like to chat about anything eco-friendly or sustainability-related, pop into store where one of our team members will be happy to assist you!