A super Saturday spent with Scrumbles

Ania Wlodarczyk @ 2019-05-14 17:43:38 +0100

We all had a fantastic time last weekend when the lovely team from Scrumbles who came to join us at both our Littleport and Downham Market stores!


Jurassic Bark called on all daring dogs, cool cats and outstanding owners to attend our exclusive pet event held at our Jurassic Bark stores on the 27th of April. We were honoured to have the experts from delicious and nutritious pet-food brand Scrumbles come and educate ourselves and our customers all about the importance of your pet’s gut health.


If you couldn’t make it to the event, there’s no need to panic, as we’ll fill you in on all the valuable must-know information that the Scrumbles Team revealed to us during the event!


Did you know that cats and dogs have never been as unhealthy as they are right now? With ingredient lists in most supermarket-bought pet food longer than a piece of string, including suspicious non-meat sources and pea protein, and actually doing more harm than good, the Scrumbles team came to chat to us about their range of products that are gut and poo friendly!


Customer with Dog in jurassic bark pet shop


Now for the science bit. Your pets have a unique collection of hundreds of types of microorganisms in their digestive tract, which is sometimes called the gut microbiome. The reason your dog’s gut health is so important is that the bacteria found within the gut is crucial for digestion and holding on to the nutrients from the food your pup eats. The microbiome affects everything from mental wellbeing to weight, so choosing the right food for your furry friend really is important for their health and happiness.


After realising how key this is to pets overall quality of life, the clever bunch at Scrumbles spent over a year studying canine and feline nutrition. With a helping hand from some nutritionists, they experimented to create the ultimate collection of tasty pet food. That’s exactly why Jurassic Bark is super excited to now stock Scrumbles in both our Littleport and Downham Market stores, with a selection of food to buy online, too.


Dog in the Jurassic bark store

According to our trusty Jurassic Bark mascots, Dudley and Dave, the Gnasher Dental Bones are the ultimate favourite, as not only are they delicious and minty, they also have a crunchy texture which is great for teeth cleaning action. Everyone that attended the event got some samples to take home for their pet to test, and were treated to free nail clips by our in-house dog groomer, Beth. We’d love to hear if your pets love Scrumbles as much as ours!


Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels for any upcoming events hosted at our Jurassic Bark stores, and make sure you Check out Scrumbles blog here. They have plenty of helpful information ranging from everything about the safety of grain-free dog food, whether your cat should eat cheese to a not-for-the-squeamish healthy dog poop chart.


If you attended the event, let us know what you thought in the comments below!