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Customer Reviews

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Sandeep Magar
Alternative to my usual order

I have an 8 year old GSD , I thought I’d give him something different . He actually likes the flavour, however I have noticed the food is very dry and as a result when he goes for a poo , it’s quite hard, perhaps you could look to somehow soften the product for better digestion

Quality food for a great price

I came across Jurassic bark by accident about a year ago and have been ordering from them since. We have two Labrador’s and one Jack Russel Terrier and they love this food. I change it up between flavours every now and again. I’m quite picky on our girls food ever since I learned about the ingredients in dog food a few years ago. Many are filled with derivatives and a load of rubbish. I look for a high meat content that is at an affordable price. Their food ticks every box.

Claire Goody
One of my dogs faves

This is one of my dogs fave flavour foods, and actually prefers this to another similar branded food. My dog likes this and good value