Carnilove Carnilove 6 x 400g Salmon & Turkey For Puppies


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Wonky line

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Great web site and food is great for my dog

The food is great for my dog who suffers with storage mite and dust mite but the delivery of the items I have had a issues with each one the 2nd order of tinned food I ordered got chucked over my back garden fence due to the driver who didn't give me enough time to answer the dog .. no throught for people who are disabled and the tins was all damaged and really curshed 2nd order which again are tins of dog food I got few days ago and again tins all dented and have had to open some with a can opener upside down as can't open them when tin is all dented also I still have a few tins that are badly dented and hope that when I come to using them I will be able to open them its like the delivery service play football with your parcels ad they do come wrapped in packaging but doesn't stop them coming badly damaged I think this needs to be address with the delivery service as its a joke and unacceptable I've not had one order of my tin food that hasn't come damaged

Olena Cherkashchenko

good food for my puppy

Love Carnilove

Both my dogs love Carnilove, they have a mix of wet and dry.