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It didn't agree with my kitten

This is the first time I ordered Carnilove for my kitten after researching a lot the brand. I read so many excellent reviews that led me to believe that my kitten would also enjoy i. Unfortunately, after I introduced it (slowly and while mixing it with her previous dry food), her stools became runny and particularly smelly. This didn't improve in the days that followed. So, I would say this was an expensive and smelly experiment! I had a similar experience with other Carnilove dry food products I bought for my other two adult cats...
Just to point out though that the customer experience from Jurassic Bark was, as always, excellent and had nothing to do with the bad experience from the brand.

Iwona Czapla

One of my cats if very fussy but she really like it.

Munawar Khan
Nice kibble

Was given A 400g bag free as my 6kg bag is delayed mixed it in with the little remaining Orijen six fish I had and blueberry & mojito devoured the bowl
In 10 minutes the kibble is bigger and rounder than the Orijen but I noticed the colour was dead on same good sign of equally superior quality price I’d cheaper and slightly bigger bag of that 5.4 Orijen to the 6kg of carnilove but I love to spoil my kittens changing there bag and brand between the brands on here very happy Ty j bark amazing service and price!