Eden Holistic Pet Foods are an independent, family owned company based in the rural countryside of Staffordshire. The company was formed in 2011 with the aim of producing foods that support the health and vitality of our own animals and has since grown and flourished into the business we have today.

As qualified nutritionists Eden have more than a keen interest in what we as humans eat and the effect that poor diet has on our health. Their approach has always been to educate their clients and support them using a natural holistic approach.

Eden's interest in animal nutrition came about after talking to local vet who was a keen advocate of “The Ancestral Diet”. The principle was very simple; feed your animal what they would have historically eaten in the wild. Both Cats and Dogs are carnivores and, although selective breeding means that they do not look like their wolf and wild cat ancestors, they share 99.9% of the mitochondrial DNA. In other words, from a nutritional perspective, todays pets and their wild ancestors require similar food.

On a Mission to produce a top quality food, working with animal nutritionists and vets, the aim was to make a dried complete food that mirrored the biologically aligned “Ancestral Diet” of our pets whilst using the very best nutritionally aligned ingredients.

As a result of this hard work, Eden is the first British pet food company to achieve the highest possible rating of 5 stars on the great dog food review site: www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk, where you will see useful breakdowns of what ingredients are beneficial for your dog, how brands measure up, as well as stockists for individual companies.

Eden has a very simple philosophy that is perfectly summed up in our tagline, “Supporting Animal Health Through Nutrition ™.” The core beliefs that form our philosophy can be found in more detail on our nutrition page, but in a nutshell we will always promise to:

  • Produce only the very best foods possible that are 100% Natural
  • Never use grains and cereals, animal derivatives, fillers, sweeteners or flavourings in our food
  • Openly list all ingredients – including the amounts of the main ingredients that our food contains
  • Use the highest level and quality of ingredients where possible from within the UK
  • Use the ingredients listed, nothing more, and nothing hidden
  • Use accurate descriptions and never use misleading information to hide the truth about the contents
  • Never create misleading packaging with pictures of ingredients that don’t represent anything that is inside the package or use jargon to hide the truth about our food




The following guides provide a great starting point for determining how much your dog should be fed each day, nevertheless they should be adjusted to meet your dog’s specific requirements. Generally a dog should have a minimal but even covering of fat over the body, the ribs should be easily palpable, the waist observable behind the waist when viewed from above, with the abdomen tucking up when viewed from the side. If you are ever unsure, ask your vet about your dog’s ideal weight and remember to check their weight at regular intervals. Each dog is an individual with different activity levels, and puppies and young adults will grow at different rates.

Remember to increase the food portions in accordance with your dog's current weight. Once your dog is settled on Eden, keep an eye on his or her weight to determine whether the suggested feeding amounts are right for your dog. Please note that Eden is a natural kibble and can vary in density, shape and colour, so it is important to weigh the kibble.

Dog Feeding Guide

Active and Working Dogs:

The “active dog” feeding guide is recommended for those whose dogs who have an energetic lifestyle. If you are an active person, into running or long hikes and your dog comes with you then they will be burning more calories. As with the adult feeding guide above, always keep an eye on your dog’s weight and adjust the feeding amount accordingly.

Active Feeding Guide


We introduce Eden to our puppies from about 5 weeks onward, pouring a small amount of hot water over the food and mixing to form a paste and then allowing time to cool to room temperature. (Note; using cold water has no effect as Eden does not contain grain which would absorb water)

Very young puppies (6-16 weeks) will generally eat as and when they need, so ensure that there is always enough food available for a meal time. Young dogs (1-2 years) intake is very much dependant on activity, as mentioned above keep a close eye on your dog’s body to ensure the correct weight is maintained. As puppies vary so much during the first 12 months, the following table can only be used as a starting point, look up the weight of your puppy using the appropriate column.

Semi Moist

Cat Feeding Guide:

Please note that Eden is a natural kibble and can vary in density, shape and colour, so it is important to weigh the kibble.

Wet Food for Dogs Guide:

Wet Food for Cats Guide:

Loose Stools

As Eden is so nutritious it is very easy to overfeed which may result in looser stools. If this is the case the best thing to do is to reduce the feeding amount until the stools become consistently firm. (Approx – 10-20%)

Cooked and pureed Butternut Squash, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato act as natural fibrous stool regulators, so one spoonful can be added to a meal to firm them up.

Daily portions

Our feeding guides are just a starting point as Eden believe every pet is an individual. The daily amount refers to the entire day and should be portioned accordingly.

Changing guides

As every pet is an individual, their growth rates and maturity can differ. Eden recommends to change from the puppy guide to the adult at around 12 months of age. Please note that this is breed/size dependent.

Puppy change over

The first 16 weeks of a puppies life is their fast growth period therefore they require an increased amount of protein/ daily amount . After the 16 weeks, the daily amount would decrease as they will have reached approximately 30% of their adult size and in steady growth phase.