Dog's Love

When you give your dog DOG’s LOVE, you’re giving him the food he was meant to eat. Fresh muscle meat, high-quality organ meat, healthy fruits and vegetables, herbs rich in nutrients as well as nutritious oils in 100% premium quality. Not only does your dog find this combination particularly tasty, it also provides him with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements he needs. When we create our recipes, we only use one source of protein (e.g. beef) and no more than one carbohydrate (e.g. millet). As a result, all of our products are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs who have food intolerances and who are on elimination diets.

We strictly refrain from the use of chemicals, gluten, added sugar, soy, pork, bone meal, slaughterhouse waste, colouring agents, flavouring agents and preservatives, animal testing and GMOs in all of our products.