Keep your pet safe in the sun this summer

Ania Wlodarczyk @ 2019-07-04 10:05:42 +0100

It’s official everyone, we’re in June, which means one thing- it’s summertime. (Hurrah!) The days get longer, BBQ’s become a staple in the nation’s diets, and beachside walks actually become enjoyable. One thing that should be a priority this summer is ensuring your dog is safe in the warmer weather.


And although in England we aren’t always blessed with the hottest summers and endless sunshine, it’s always best to be prepared, just in case a miracle occurs.


Jurassic Bark has compiled some handy tips and products to ensure you’re fully clued up on how to give your dog the coolest, happiest summer yet.



Did you know humans aren’t the only ones who can catch the sun? Our furry friends can also get burnt, especially white or thin-coated dogs, who are most vulnerable. Area’s to keep an eye out for are noses, ears and bellies, as often these are the body parts with less body hair to protect them from UV rays. So, how can we avoid dogs catching a tan? Vets 4 pets recommend that on really sunny days, keeping your dog out of the sun altogether. Keeping your pup away from direct sunlight will stop them burning, so making sure they stay in the shade or inside that has plenty of good ventilation.


Thinking of jetting off abroad and taking your dog away with you? Some European countries allow you to bring your bet along for the trip, but you’ll need to get your pooch a Pet Passport. Although this sounds made up, it is, in fact, a requirement if you’d like to take your dog, cat or ferret sight-seeing. Pet passport require owners to have their dogs vaccinated, microchipped and treated for parasites before returning back home. Happy holidays!



In the warmer months, some dogs love nothing more than cooling off by taking a swim in the sea, streams or lakes. But be careful, because although this can lots of fun for your pup, not all dogs are natural swimmers. Make sure you keep an eye on your dog if they decide to take a dip, just to be safe. It’s also important to bare in mind that the sea can have strong currents, which can’t always be seen from the beach. However, this isn’t the only danger when it comes to fresh-water swimming. Seawater can really upset your dog’s tummy, so make sure you give them a drink of clean water to flush them through. Alongside upset tummies, dogs can also contract earaches if they enjoy a swim. Make sure they are all dried off to reduce the possibility of any nasty infections.


Hydration is also super important when it comes to keeping your dog safe in the sun. As we all know, dogs love to excitedly run around and play games, but in hot weather, although this is lots of fun, it can be quite dangerous. If your four-legged friend overheats and becomes dehydrated, this can lead to heatstroke and other health problems. So how can this be avoided? The exact amount of water your dog should be drinking really depends on size, activity level and weather conditions, reveals Try and aim for ½ to 1 ounce per pound of body weight per day, and make sure you check your dog’s water consistently, ensuring it is cool. You can also make dog-friendly ice cubes and popsicles for a little sunshine treat.



Check out some of Jurassic Bark’s top product picks that will help keep your dog safe this summer.


Aquamat Chiller Cooling Coat

Available in 6 sizes and in stock in both stores, the Aquamat chiller cool coat is made out of a material which especially holds cold water without getting your dog wet, allowing them to stay comfortable in the sunshine.



Scruffs Cool Mat

The Scruffs cool matt is super handy as it doesn’t require you to fill it with any water. Filled with a non-toxic gel, the mat is self-cooling and is typically 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. It also comes in 4 sizes, so there’s a mat to fit every dog.



Kiwi Walker Travel Bowl

Keep your pup hydrated on the move! Kiwi Walker has created collapsible travel bowls that zip up into a small compartment that can easily be hooked onto a belt or bag.