Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

Rob Spencer @ 2020-08-12 15:38:40 +0100

Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs 

Dogs need several different types of nutrients and minerals to survive. Dog food should always contain amino acids (found in protein), fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Every dog's needs will be slightly different depending on size, breed and age.

Dogs cannot survive without protein making it the key element of their diet. Protein provides the building blocks for any dog and is essential for healthy skin, nails, muscles and bones. As dogs' bodies don't produce protein on their own, it is vital that protein is obtained through their diet daily. Many dogs are, however, allergic to chicken so make sure they are getting their protein in other ways. One product that is sure to offer your pooch their dietary requirement of protein without overloading with chicken is our Fish 4 Dogs range that is packed with Omega 3 and those vital vitamins and minerals! Check it out in-store or online here!

It might sound obvious but make sure your dog always has a constant supply of water. Water makes up for 70 to 80 per cent of a mature dog’s lean body mass. It’s essential in dissolving and transporting nutrients, regulating body temperature and flushing waste out of the body, so keep them hydrated!

Dogs are omnivores so they use carbohydrates as a source of energy, many carbohydrates have a lot of important fibres which will help keep your four-legged friend’s digestive system regular, aiding your dog to fight obesity. Many larger dogs are prone to obesity so don't overfeed your pooch. If you are worried about your dog's weight, then check out Barking Heads and their product Fat Dog Slim, made with only natural ingredients, this reduced fat recipe is solely aimed at dogs that need to lose a few pounds. You can have a look here or purchase in-store. 

Dogs require different vitamins to humans to maintain a healthy life. Vitamin E supports a dog’s immune system, and Vitamin A helps to support a healthy coat and skin. They are found in a lot of vegetables so if your dog food doesn’t have them present, make sure you’re adding them in. Minerals like calcium and magnesium will improve your dog’s bodily function and prevent disorders and deficiencies. 

Whilst fat is often seen as a demon, it is key to any diet. Dietary fat often derived from animals’ fats and seed oils are present in the majority of dog food. These essential fats help maintain a healthy coat and promote good joint health! If you are looking for a dog food that is packed full with fatty acids like DHA and EPA that promote brain and eye development then check out Go! Solutions in-store or online now!

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