English Bulldog – muscle man with a soft core

Rob Spencer @ 2020-04-08 19:20:29 +0100

They may not look like the bell of the ball, sometimes a bit intimidating, like when they are going to bite next. However all prejudices aside, this could not be more wrong, as the English bulldog is an endearing dog with a gentle temper and big heart.

From fighting machine to the family mate

Their intimidating appearance was bred for them. In England in the 13th century, the so-called "fighting dogs" were first mentioned in an important document. The animals were used as bull biters and proved their strength and intrepidity for a long time even in dog fights. Fortunately, they are now prohibited. In 1864 the first "Bulldog Club" in Great Britain took on the task of renewing the breed and making it a compatible family dog.

English bulldog character

With the English Bulldog, character traits such as pride, self-assurance and stubbornness are combined with soft sides such as loyalty, compassion and love, the dogs are extremely sensitive. Your gentleness manifests itself in great cuddling and love needs as well as friendliness towards children. The English bulldog does not cope well with rejection and must always be sure of the love of their people. They are generally active and alert, however, tend to be pretty cosy because their conditioning is so good. Relaxed chilling comes closer to the dog than sweaty active sports. The English Bulldog character also includes a good dose of humour, the dogs can be real clowns and love to make their people laugh and thus attract attention and praise.

Upbringing and attitude of the English Bulldog

When educating your English bulldog, coercion is a no go. They respond far better to love within a cooperative household, rather than being told what to do. They are suspicious of strangers and due to their muscly frame can be a fairly imposing dog. If you want a dog that acts as a discreet bodyguard, you have a loyal and reliable four-legged friend with the English Bulldog at your side. As a rule, the English Bulldog gets along well with fellow species and other animals, provided that it is not attacked. Because of the rather moderate urge to move, the animals can also be kept in a city apartment; of course, there must be enough daily exercise and walks.

English Bulldog grooming

Occasional brushing is sufficient for the short coat. Brushing is useful as a massage to stimulate blood circulation. The animals, which are already massive, tend to be overweight and thus to breathing and joint problems. Make sure that your dog does not get too fat, even if English Bulldogs are very charming beggars and have a good appetite. Special care is necessary for the skin folds on the face. To prevent inflammation, it must be cleaned regularly, for example with baby wipes. Unfortunately, due to the short snout, English bulldogs are predisposed to breathing problems. Fortunately, breeders today try to avoid the extreme characteristics of breed-typical traits. Pay attention to the seriousness of the breeder.

Profile –

  • Breed: English Bulldog
  • Origin: England
  • Size: 39-41cm shoulder height
  • Weight: Male 25kg. Female 23kg
  • Anatomy: Short body with a wide chest, large head with a broad muzzle and hanging lips
  • Colour: Solid white, brown, reddish, yellow, possibly with a mask
  • Fur Structure: Short, smooth and dense, of the same colour
  • Eyes: Deep and far apart
  • Ears: Rose ears
  • Character: Confident, proud and idiosyncratic, sensitive, cuddly, in need of love and peacefulness
  • Maintenance: Occasional brushing
  • Particularities: Cosy appearance with wit and charm
  • Classification: Molossoid, Pinscher, Schnauzer