Dalmatian – Sensitive athlete with charm

Rob Spencer @ 2020-04-08 19:15:03 +0100

With its spotted fur, the Dalmatian has a very striking appearance. However this beautiful dog doesn’t only score points on its appearance: as an elegant and intelligent hound, the Dalmatian is an excellent sports buddy and loyal friend. It is a common misconception that the Dalmatian is a nervous and complicated breed, if you meet the requirements of this dog they will become a sporty and sensitive companion.


The exact origin of the dalmatian is unclear, however, in ancient Babylon and Egypt, there are images that depict spotted dogs while there are further traces that lead to the region of Dalmatia, now known as Croatia. The optically spectacular dogs were initially widespread in aristocratic circles and sporadically used as hunting dogs; however, their showy fur was not suitable for stalking. Because of this they were generally used as a companion for the carriage and to protect the carts as an escort. It is easy to see why Dalmatians are persistent long distance runners due to their history. In 1880 guidelines for breeding were laid for the first time in the UK.

Character of the Dalmatian

The spotted four-legged friend is an absolute bundle of energy that also has a magnificent eye for spotting the mood of their owner. This makes for a great companion and therapy dog that can become your best friend. Thanks to their friendly nature, they get along well with people, are affectionate and more often than not as cuddly as a cat, while their energy merely adds to this affection. Their character is also expressed via their intelligence with the ability to quickly learn tricks.

Education and attitude of the Dalmatian

You need patience and a solid personality to successfully raise a Dalmatian, despite their attachment to people, the Dalmatian has a distinct independence and wants to enforce their will. Because of this, consistency is required with no ambiguity in your authority. However conversely they are rather sensitive and stubborn dogs, and if they feel they have been treated unfairly they will feel very insulted, so toeing the line is imperative. Dalmatians are creatures of habit and are aware of changes in the daily routine, therefore the dog should always be involved in the everyday activities of its family. According to their original breed as hounds, Dalmatians are ideal companions for sporty people: The animals run enthusiastically alongside joggers, riders and on bikes. They love agility and tracking games. In order for your dog to be balanced, it must be able to let out its energy. Given the size of this gorgeous dog they can make certain demands on your space, if you don’t have sufficient space in your home to exercise then you are inhibiting the dog’s nature, small spaces and kennels should be prohibited for this breed of dog. Dalmatians have a strong protective instinct. In order that this does not turn into inhospitable behaviour towards fellow species, puppies should already be socialized through society with other animals.

Care of the Dalmatian

Grooming is very easy with the Dalmatian: It's best to brush your dog with a rubber harrow every day. Since the animals tend to shed hair all year round, it is important to remove loose fur regularly, as it is difficult to remove hair from upholstered furniture and textiles. Dalmatians have a healthy appetite, which is why you should keep an eye on calorie intake. The lower the pigmentation of a Dalmatian, the greater the risk of hereditary deafness. Choose your animal - and this applies to every dog ​​breed - with a reputable breeder.


  • Breed: Dalmatian
  • Origin: Most probably Croatia
  • Size: Male 56-62cm shoulder height. Female 54-58cm shoulder height.
  • Weight: Male 27-32kg. Female 24-28kg
  • Anatomy: Medium sized, athletic
  • Eyes: Brown or Amber, blue eyes are a genetic mutation.
  • Ears: Lop-ears
  • Fur and colour: short haired, dense and hard; black and brown polka dot pattern on white background.
  • Special feature: Puppies are born white; the spots only appear after 14 days.
  • Character: Spirited and sporty, adaptable, cuddly and cute.
  • Maintenance: Regular grooming.