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Who We Are

Fenland Animal Rescue is a registered charity, founded in 2015. Founded by Joshua Flanagan who found himself wanting to do more, as a huge animal lover, to help those without a voice. After realising that animal organisations and Emergency Services were at breaking point, Joshua designed and created an additional rescue service in the local area could be useful to both the public and other professional organisations.

We provide a safe haven and sanctuary for all animals, wild and domestic and rehabilitate them to allow them to have a second chance at life.

We provide these services in the Fenland area, which covers the area between Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambridge and Kings Lynn.

We run our own foster and adoption programme that allows animals to find a loving home to happily live out their lives.

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To Report an Emergency our 24hr On Call Telephone Number:

07902 167 296

Fenland Animal Rescue primarily operates within the county of Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom, in the Fenland area which reaches from Cambridge to Ely and Wisbech as well as covering Peterborough, Wansford and Oundle.

If you aren’t sure if we cover your area we are still available to help with advice and rescue if necessary.



Fenland Animal Rescue provides the emergency service for animals within the county of Cambridgeshire. Our primary aim is to ensure the safety of animals in need, but also to make sure emergency appliances are readily available for emergency situations. Fenland Animal Rescue is a service designed to alleviate the strain placed on emergency services that costs the taxpayer thousands of pounds each month in animal related incidents. By tackling animal related incidents with the further training, knowledge and skill set to provide the best outcome possible for the animal in need. Whilst working closely with emergency services, vets and other animal organisations, we are able to provide the safest and most efficient rescue for the animal in question and minimise the stress or trauma caused throughout the rescue and recovery process.

Whether it be anything from a cat stuck in a tree, a dog underground, a horse in water or wildlife injured on the water way, fenland animal rescue can see to the animal and then transport the animal directly to the appropriate safe place or veterinary care with minimal stress caused.

Rescued Squirrel feeding at Fenland Animal Rescue
Animal Rescue Services
We provide a safe haven for all animals, wild or domestic and rehabilitate them to allow them to have a second chance at life. If you find an animal in need of help or are unsure how to handle an animal contact us.
Our Animal Rescue Officer assisting the emergency services with a Swan.
Emergency Services
We work closely with emergency services and assist them with any animal related incidents and provide sanctuary for the animals involved in their cases until the animal is able to be released back in to the wild.
Animal Adoption Programme from Fenland Animal Rescue
Adoption Program
We run a successful animal adoption program, with a range of cats and dogs as well as other ideal animals for pets. If you are looking for a new pet we provide all adoptions neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.
We rely on donations, you can donate animal supplies.
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