Buying a new puppy ?

We realise that getting a new puppy is a considerable commitment, not only in how its going to change your lives, but also financially.

Besides the expense of actually acquiring your new family member, it's probably the one time that you need to buy a collar, lead, harness, bed, name tag etc etc. Not to mention the food and some treats of course. (Hoping I have not put you off)

Well, we think its great ! You will get so much love back in return.

SO, Here at Jurassic Bark, we are all big animal lovers and are here to help and give any advice that may be needed, whether you visit one of our shops or online at

In addition, Spend £99 (To include Puppy Food)  and as a REWARD, receive a FREE pack of 30 Puppy Pads Worth  £12.49, which I am sure will be very handy.


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