What to take into consideration before getting a dog.

Dogs, man’s best friend, right? They are indeed, however while they are adorable, heart-warming balls of fluff, they are also solely dependent on us and as such getting a dog is a massive responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because of this, we have compiled a fool proof list of steps to think about before getting a dog.


The first element you need to consider is probably fairly obvious, however, it is by far the most important. You guessed it, money. Yes, before you decide on getting a pooch you must know whether you can afford it. When people think about getting a dog this is normally the first thing that is thought about and by and large most people assess correctly, however, this doesn’t just refer to food bills. You must consider vetinary bills, if your dog needs spading or neutering (which can cost a pretty penny), vaccinations, general check-ups and any emergency care all fall under vetinary costs. Furthermore, expenses don’t stop there as training, toys, accessories and essentials for general life like bedding, bowls and micro-chipping all need to be taken into account.


Second up we have time. Just like having a child, bringing a dog into your home requires you to give up a lot of your time and more often than not, put their needs above your own. Dogs, and especially puppies are incredibly demanding creatures that need love, care and attention for large parts of the day, as well as exercise, both mental and physical. Many dogs end up in rescue centres because owners just don’t realise how much time is needed to properly take care of a dog. Do your research folks!


In at third, after some deliberation, we decided on a slightly subjective concept. However, still incredibly important regardless. And that is asking yourself if you are genuinely up to the challenge. Take everything into account and decide whether you are ready. Treat it like having a child and you won’t go far wrong.


Now that you’ve got all that serious stuff out the way, time to pick the dog for you. Puppy vs adult dog. Many adult dogs come fully house trained and with basic training, look into rescuing a dog from one of the many charities like Blue Cross, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Dog’s Trust, they will not only change your life but yours will change theirs. You can also register with a charity to rehome a puppy, many puppies and pregnant bitches find themselves in rescue, these amazing rescue centres will give the puppy (for a small donation) with a full vet check before you take them home. If that still hasn’t tickled your fancy and you want a puppy from a breeder, that’s not a problem! Make sure you pick a trustworthy breeder, make sure you meet both parents and make sure you are asking lots of questions!

So, by now you have made all the precautionary decisions, decided on whether you want a puppy or a grown dog and which breed suits your lifestyle the most. There are just two final checks to tick off your list before pulling the trigger. Your dog is now a member of your family so make sure everyone is happy with the decision.


Finally, your last step before the big day. Everything has been thought about in detail. However, make sure to take into account that you may need to puppy proof your house. This doesn’t just relate to protecting your furniture but also getting rid of any hazardous objects and potentially poisonous or toxic environments. Puppies also chew everything! Keep valuables out of sight and shoes in boxes if you don’t want to lose them to your pup!