Yorkshire Terrier – Idiosyncratic adventurer with a small frame

Rob Spencer @ 2020-03-06 12:38:54 +0000

Cute button eyes flash out from underneath their prominent eyebrows, which they cheekily show off everywhere they go. This is probably the image that everyone has of the Yorkshire Terrier. You may think of them as a cuddly toy; however, this is fairly far from the truth. The Yorkshire Terrier is an agile action dog with a strong character. They are certainly not simple housemates for inexperienced owners who may be intimidated by this resolute bundle of energy. Nonetheless, if the Terrier accepts you as the pack leader, they become a happy, loyal companion who will stick by you thick and thin.

From rat hunter to noble dog

The Yorkshire Terrier has probably had the most fairytale lifespan of any dog. Towards the end of the 19th century, the less privileged population of the working-class county of Yorkshire kept the small Terrier as a working dog. Their job was to kill rodents that scurried around people’s basements, households and factories. Their place of work was dark, narrow, cold and often wet. A confusing terrain where they could come across defensive rodents at any time. The upper class then became aware of these funny little guys and decided to bring them to the elegant salons as lap dogs where they remained. From the alleys to high society! The Yorkie is still very popular as a cheeky, loving companion, where they spread their positive mood in places such as therapy, retirement homes and nursing homes.

Nature and character of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is a dog with a strong personality. Boasting vigilance as well as fearlessness of their surrounding. As well as always being ready to defend himself/ herself and their families. These qualities paired with their surprisingly loud voice are their most typical traits and are precisely why they should not be left in the hands of a beginner. Not aware of their size they are often found confidently confronting much larger peers which make for an intriguing matchup if the owner doesn’t know how to handle the dog. The Yorkshire Terrier loves their master and rewards them with great affection and their whimsical nature. With an active and lively temperament, the Yorkie is anything but a domestic sofa dog: this little guy needs adventure and exciting walks.

Education and keeping of the Yorkshire Terrier

As already stated, as small as the Yorkie is, they should not be mistaken as a beginner dog. The dog knows what it wants and how it can get it. To get the best out of your Yorkie, you should keep consistency in your education, setting firm rules and clear limits, so that they don’t start to walk all over you. To take full advantage of their urge to move and high levels of intelligence, the Yorkie needs a lot of exercises, and if you can offer them employment then you will have a very easy-going, balanced dog by your side. Due to their small frame they are suitable for all housing types, as long as you give them enough outdoors time to let their energy run wild.

Care of the Yorkshire Terrier

It would be best if you had products that protect and care for the silky, long fur of the Yorkshire Terrier. In addition to the daily brushing and combing, the dog can be bathed occasionally if necessary. For this, however, use a special dog shampoo from a specialist that strengthens the structure of the terrier hair. When it comes to feeding, be extra careful; the Yorkie has a susceptible digestive system and does not tolerate feed changes very well. Once you have decided on a brand stick with it.


  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Origin: Great Britain
  • Size: 22-24cm shoulder height
  • Weight: 2.5-3kg
  • Physique: small, compact, upright posture
  • Eyes: Dark button eyes
  • Ears: V-shaped upright
  • Fur and colour: Medium to long coat, silky gloss; colour steel blue with gold head and chest
  • Particularities: Sensitive digestion
  • Character: Funny, strong willed, spirited, courageous and affectionate
  • Maintenance: Brush and comb daily, use special shampoo when bathing