Golden Retriever – loyal cunning form Scotland

Are you looking for a dog with a friendly character who is as obedient as it is trusting and with whom you can pursue sporting activities? With the Golden Retriever, you are spot-on: the retriever has become one of the most popular pedigree dogs in the country if not the world, and rightly so. In a Golden Retriever, you will find a four legged friend that is as intelligent as it is loveable.

Dead shot: from retriever to agility fan

With the development of firearms, hunters were able to shoot their game even at great distances, so this changed their requirements for the need of dogs in hunting. The animals no longer had to hunt the prey but rather now, bring the shot prey safely back to their owner. So came the hour of Golden Retriever, which is largely owed to the breeding efforts of the Scottish baron Tweedmouth in 1864. The noble crossed Wavycoated Retrievers with the Tweed Water Spaniel and the Irish Setter. The Golden Retriever owes much of its hunting talent to the work of its ancestors. Nevertheless, the Golden Retriever has been an officially recognised breed since 1913. Their zeal for work and their intelligence make them a sought after colleague for the police, emergency services and drug investigators as well as guide dogs thanks to their love and loyalty.

Character of the Golden Retriever

As a rule, they do not show aggressiveness or fear. The character of the golden retriever is characterized by openness and amiability. The dog is also very well tolerated with other species. Then there is the strong will to please their people. The Golden Retriever achieves this not only through their loving trustfulness but also through their enthusiasm for work and willingness to submit. Even beginners find it very easy to get along well with them. The Golden Retriever, on the other hand, is not suitable as a protective dog due to the lack of sharpness. A small weakness in character is gluttony.

Upbringing and keeping of the Golden Retriever

The size of the Golden Retriever varies depending on gender, anywhere in the region of 51 and 61cm shoulder height is normal. It is therefore deemed as medium to large sized dog. Extensive daily walks and sports sessions are mandatory, as due to their breeding nature they need space to roam around and joyfully play, a garden is also therefore needed. Loving consistency is needed to keep the dogs hunting instinct on the right track. In order to stimulate the dog's intelligence and to utilize its play instinct, you need a varied range of retrieval and action toys. It is advisable to bring a towel along the way, the Golden Retriever is a real water rat and if they see water, they will go in.

Care of the Golden Retriever

Grooming is simple. Brush your dog’s hair once a week, and only during shedding season. Ears and teeth should also be cared for to prevent inflammation. Due to the dog's undercoat, they are fairly cold resistant, but in the summer months be on high alert as if it gets very hot they can overexert themselves. Due to their healthy appetites make sure you stay on top of their diet as they are prone to being overweight. Due to increased demand in recent years, they have become rather fashionable and this has led to careless breeding, so always choose a reputable breeder. Their life expectancy is around 11 years.


  • Breed: Golden Retrieve
  • Origin: Great Britain
  • Classification: Retrievers
  • Size: Male 56-61cm shoulder height. Female 51-56cm shoulder height.
  • Weight: Male 30-40kg. Female 25-35kg
  • Anatomy: Harmonious and well proportioned, strong bones
  • Eyes: Dark endearing expression
  • Ears: Medium in size, set at eye level and falling
  • Fur and colour: Weatherproof fur, flat or wavy with dense underwool and feathering on barrels and tail; golds
  • Particularities: loves water, has light hair all year round
  • Character: Kind, trusting, willing to work
  • Maintenance: Brush weekly, change fur daily