Border Collie- Einstein on four paws

Rob Spencer @ 2020-04-08 18:53:24 +0100

As a workaholic among dogs, the Border Collie absolutely needs a task to stay busy or else they will go looking for one. If underutilised, the Border Collie can be known to take up reckless tasks that can end up getting them or their owners hurt, due to their need to stay busy. But if this intelligent dog has enough to stay busy with, he is a great buddy who will give you a lot of pleasure.

A real winner

In the 1870s, herding dog competitions arose in rural England, the local shepherds were inspired by the competitions and attached great importance to cleverness and talent when breeding dogs. The appearance of the dog seemed to come second, their qualities as four-legged herd conductors stood in the foreground. Due to the Border Collie showing the greatest attributes in these competitions, they were soon systematically bred with one in particular called “Old Hemp”, whose descendants became champions of the competitions from then on. The name border collie goes back to its region of origin, the border between Scotland and England where much herding went on for many years. There are hardly any limits on the colours of the border collie with colour schemes ranging from the most common black and white all the way to tri coloured red white and beige. With a shoulder height of up to 58 centimetres for males and 50 centimetres for females, the size of the border collies is significantly below that of their namesake, the long-haired Collies.

Characteristics of the Border Collie

In addition to its inexhaustible zeal for work, the Border Collie inspires through its other characteristics as well. It is playful, spirited, attentive, loveable and faithful. Thanks to their high levels of intelligence, they can be trained excellently and quickly learn difficult tricks. A dominant trait is their distinctive herding ability, which, apart from the actual use in agriculture, can assume problematic traits in underutilized animals. A special trait from Border Collies is their love of water and mud, which they love to romp about in.

Education and keeping of the Border Collie

Border Collies must be brought up consistently and should include both sporting and intellectual pursuits. You should allow at least three to four hours a day for the dog. If they have enough to do, the Border Collie will make for an adorable companion and their intelligence will inspire you. They are the right partner for sporty people who enjoy running with their dogs. Please be aware that exercise is not a leisurely stroll for these marvellous dogs. This active breed needs agility and obedience sports, because of their zeal for work and restlessness, they are only of limited use as a sociable family member. When raising, it is advisable to focus on concentration and environmental habits in order to bring the animal to rest.

Care of the Border Collie

The Border Collie’s fur is easy to care for; regular brushing and checking for matting are sufficient. If knots are found just carefully remove them with a metal comb. Occasional correction cuts may be necessary on the long areas of fur. Since Border Collies are real water experts, they go to possible swimming spots on their own. They therefore only need to be put into the tub in emergencies when there is gross contamination. Your fur is practically self-cleaning.

Profile –

  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Origin: Great Britain (England/Scotland)
  • Size: Male 48-58cm shoulder height. Female 46-50cm shoulder height
  • Weight: Male 15-21kg. Female 13-19kg
  • Physique: Muscular, agile, longer than tall
  • Eyes: Brown (with blue tint)
  • Ears: Medium sized, upright, tipped forward
  • Fur and colour: short haired or medium long with mane, flag and pants, thick undercoat, weatherproof top coat; many colour variations, never predominantly white
  • Particularities: pronounced herding capabilities, very active, loves water and mud
  • Character: Active, spirited, sensitive, affectionate, obedient, intelligent Maintenance: regular brushing, bathe only in certain circumstances