Sphynx Cat - Eye Catching and Loving

Instantly recognisable, The Sphynx cat is the first thing seen in most rooms, due to its full lack of fluffy fur that generally characterises cats. Despite the general consensus, that these cats are hairless and just skin, they do actually possess a light down on top of their skin. Whatever the school of thought on their appearance is, they are still very popular.

Origin and breeding

As you may probably have worked out, the Sphynx was originally created via a mutation from a domestic cat that immediately captivated breeders worldwide. However, it is said that the early Aztects were portrayed to have had hairless cats, and what's more, researchers believe that some of the early 20th century portraits identify possible ancestors of the Sphynx cat. It was only in 1966 however, that the hairless kitten was officially born! To this day the Sphynx is bred all across the world, but there are some regulations put in place to stop the harming of them in certain countries, as there have been cases of torture breeding and other forms of harm upon them.

Hard to miss: The Look of the Sphynx Cat

In addition to the cat's hairlessness, the Sphynx has several other visual features that make for a very graceful cat. Firstly the cat is very delicate, the legs are medium in length, with the hind legs slightly longer than the front ones. Due to the strong jaw and the pointed head with the large lemon shaped eyes, their gaze may come across quite sharp at first. Their ears are also big and pointed which only adds to the sharpness of the cat. When it comes to the colour of the cta, they do not have to be monochrome, as some species have dark, large spots on the entire body while others are patterned. It is their variety of eye colour that makes them so populat=r amongst breeders, as every Sphynx cat looks a little different. It should also be noted that wrinkles are desirable with the Sphynx, especially between the ears and neck.

Character and Attitude

It may not be your first impression of them, however, the Sphynx is one of the most lovely cat breeds there is. Once they find their person, they tend to fixate on them and can become very clingy. At the same time, they are also incredibly intelligent and are often challenged only by the most demanding of toys. They don't tend to do too well in the cold as they love warmth, so if possible you should offer them a sunny window sill or something on which they can let the sun shine upon them. The cat is okay to be left alone, however, you need to make sure they get enough time with people as they are sociable cats. Loneliness is not a good idea for these cats.

The Sphynx requires very little maintenance, just make sure that it does not cool down too much. Because of this make sure to keep your cat in a well heated house. If you live in a hotter climate you can protect the skin with special sunscreen.

Important: Due to the lack of fur, the cat loses body heat faster, which it compensates for with higher energy consumption. That's why she needs a little more food than her fluffy colleagues.

Profile -

  • Breed: Sphynx Cat
  • Origin: Canada
  • Size: Medium Sized
  • Weight: 3.5-7kg
  • Eyes: All Colours
  • Hide: Hairless, only light fluff over body
  • Character: Affectionate, loving, intelligent, confident
  • Colour: All colours
  • Attitude: domestic cat, as there is hardly any protection for a hairless cat in the wild
  • Equipment: A lot of food, sunscreen, special heated lamp