Savannah Cat - Character, Charm and Clicker Training

Savannah Cat - Character, Charm and Clicker Training

Incredibly exotic: The Savannah cat is a cross between the Serval and a domestic cat (preferably Egyptian Mau, Ocicat or Oriental Shorthair). Due to this cross, they have the hunting instinct and urge to move of a wild cat, but at the same time is as affectionate and loving as a domestic cat. 

Origin and Breed of the Savannah Cat

The first Savannah cat was born in 1980 through mating a Serval cat with a Siamese cat. Considering the difference in size between the two animals, this was fairly complicated, which is why it took a few years for the popularity of the semi wild cat to grow around the world. While at the beginning of the breeding, only servals were bred with domestic cats to get Savannah cats, it has since been possible to mate Savannah cats with each other since 2007. The offspring generation usually decides on the appearance, behaviour and price of the animals, the closer the animals are to the parent generation, the stronger the visual and behavioural similarities with the wild Serval. This often has an effect on price also.  A Savannah cat of the first generation, in which breed-typical characteristics are particularly pronounced, can cost up to 10,000 euros. Also of note, Savannah cats are prohibited from entering Australia and New Zealand.

How to recognise the Savannah Cat

The Savannah cat has a beige-brown fur that is covered with black polka dots and stripes. The areas around the mouth, chest and belly can also be coloured lighter. The tail is short, thin and has dark stripes. The body of the Savannah cat is long, muscular and mostly slim. It rests on long legs that have a lot of jumping power, the Savannah can jump up to two meters from a standing position! The ears sit high on the head and are relatively large compared. When the Savannah cat is fully grown, it reaches a size of up to 45 cm and a length of up to 120cm, making it one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world.

The Small Wild Cat With a Big Heart: Character and Attitude

You can tell the Savannah cat’s wild origins instantly, the cat needs a lot of exercise and mental challenges. It cannot, therefore, be kept as a pure domestic cat. Animals of the first generation are forbidden from going outdoors because they still have such a strong hunting instinct that domestic game populations have to be protected. Because of this, they are always checked by the authorities as to whether there is sufficient free access, for example through an enclosure, and whether there is appropriate interior heating as they require a hot climate. They are also demanding when it comes to feeding, a lot of fresh meat should be on the menu here in order to optimally provide the little hunters with nutrients. 

The Savannah cats are characterized by their high play instinct, their bright nature and their quick learning ability. Smaller tricks and creative games with treats are the right way to keep the cat physically and mentally on the go.


Breed - Savannah 

Origin - United States

Size - up to 45cm in size and 120cm in length 

Weight - 8kg female, 10kg male 

Eyes - yellow-green

Hide - short

Colour - Brown-beige with black polka dots and stripes

Character - Very playful, intelligent and active