Maine Coon - The Intelligent ‘Dog-Cat’ from Harry Potter

Maine Coon - The Intelligent ‘Dog-Cat’ from Harry Potter

Are you looking for a cat that is as playful and cuddly as it is doting and intelligent? Then the Maine Coon is probably the right breed of cat for you. There is an extremely famous Maine Coon called Maximus, however, you probably know the cat better as Mr Filch’s trusty companion in Harry Potter, Mrs Norris. The four-legged feline film star shows exactly what Maine Coon’s are known for, they accompany their master like a dog and even can be a bit of a telltale, much like Mrs Norris and Mr Filch. It’s hard to believe, but many Maine Coon’s even like to retrieve, because of this and their strong human ties, the Main Coon is often known as a "dog cat". 

Maine Coon: Character 

Maine Coon’s are very human and affectionate, they are sociable and friendly in their dealings with fellow species as well as with dogs or children. They are happy to request to play games and if they do this emphatically, one often hears a kind of cooing or crowing. The breed is also considered a good hunter and in the United States, they are still referred to as a "working cat", as a mouse and rat catcher. 

Maine Coon: Keeping and Caring 

The Maine Coon, as stated above, is a lively cat who likes to hunt and play. This cat, that has such a great urge to move is happiest when it is allowed to enjoy free movement. The size and weight of the Maine Coon means there needs to be special demands placed on the equipment needed for caring, it requires a lot of space in the house, a stable cat tree with sufficiently dimensioned lying areas and a large litter box. Fur care is also important, as a long-haired cat, the Maine Coon needs some help to achieve a silky, well-groomed coat without a thick undercoat. In the case of purely domestic cats, occasional brushing is usually sufficient, especially if the fur is less dense and long.

Maine Coon: Colours 

Maine Coon cats have almost every fur and eye colour. According to the breed standard, the colour of the eyes should be clear and match the fur: black, white, red, blue or cream, only gold is not recognised. Everything is also allowed with the fur colour standards, except "ticked" (multi-coloured prickly hair).

Maine Coon: History 

The origin of the Maine Coon is fabled, some legends claim that the Maine Coon is a hybrid form of cat and raccoon. Others are of the opinion that the cat was bred by the former French Queen Marie Antoinette. In fact, little is really known about the origin of the cat. It has half-length, dense and water-repellent fur, which also protects it from harsh weather. The breed has been systematically bred since the 1960s and in 1983 the breed standards recognised the Maine Coon as an independent breed. Despite not having a definitive origin, today it is a popular and well-known pedigree cat all around the world.

Maine Coon: Special Features 

Maine Coon cats are late developers who only mature at three to four years. The average age is around 12.5 years, but cats up to 20-year-olds are also known. The Maine Coon cat defies wind and weather with its fur and paws that are optimised for snow adventures. The feline also has a special skill with its paws, it transports feed from the ground into its mouth. Sorcery? Maybe they learned something from Harry Potter after all or perhaps they are just incredibly clever? 


Breed - Maine Coon

Origin - United States 

Size - Large to very large, Length up to 120cm. Shoulder height up to 40cm 

Weight - Female 4.5-6kg. Male 5.5-9kg 

Anatomy - Robust, muscular, wide chest, elongated body, bushy tail

Head shape - The rounded wedge head is given a foreign impression by the large, widely placed and slightly slanted eyes in green and gold 

Eyes - Green, copper coloured, very large eyes 

Fur and Colour - Half long hair, long fur on the belly and hind legs, soft undercoat. All colours except golden are allowed

Grooming - Comb and brush regularly 

Particularities - Tends to have health problems with kidneys, joints and heart due to breeding and size. Also has a great urge to move 

Character - Gentle, Social, playful, affectionate, intelligent.