Devon Rex - The Goblin of the Cat Tree

Devon Rex - The Goblin of the Cat Tree

If you are looking for a playful and affectionate cat with a cheeky demeanour, the Devon Rex could be the breed of cat for you. Contrary to popular belief it is by no means a cat for allergy sufferers, although it does lose less hair due to its fur structure, it is not allergen-free. With its big pointy ears and curly fur, the Devon Rex is often likened to that of a bat. In fact, this special pedigree cat owes much of its existence to an accidental fur mutation. 

Devon Rex: Character  

With its friendly and people-oriented nature, the Devon Rex is perfect for anyone who wants a sociable pet. Because of this, the clingy cat follows their owner at every turn. Furthermore, due to its high level of intelligence, it constantly needs new challenges so that it doesn't get bored. This can be achieved through playing games and asking them to learn tricks which they can do very quickly. 

Devon Rex: Care and Maintenance 

Devon Rex cats are ideal for houses, especially since their unusual fur does not provide decent protection against the cold, wet and extreme sun. The cats are very playful and keen to move, therefore, they need space to run around. Devon Rex cats also love people and can't stand being alone for a long time. They get along very well with other cats, so you should treat your feline to a friend. With their idiosyncratic charm, they will soon be in command of the household and will conquer the heart of every cat lover in no time.

The short fur of the Devon Rex needs regular care, so it is best to use very soft brushes to avoid combing out the fine hair unnecessarily. The large ears, which you should regularly be cleaned with cotton wool, require special attention. The energy requirements of a Devon Rex are slightly higher than those of other cats, this is because their fur doesn't warm up particularly well. The cat needs a suitable feed, however, you must make sure that they do not become too chubby as this can have detrimental effects on their health.  Furthermore, check the teeth of your feline friend regularly as Devon Rex cats are prone to gum infections.

Devon Rex: Colours 

The Devon Rex cat's curly fur is short and dense and has little hair on top. The breed standard recognizes any colour and point of the fur, as well as all eye colours are allowed. In contrast, hairless parts of the body are undesirable.

History of the Devon Rex

But how did the “goblin cat” come about? In 1960, Miss Beryl Cox from Devonshire passed a litter of kittens whose father had curly fur. Among the kittens was a frizzy male named Kirlee. Miss Cox had previously noticed cats with ruffled fur and concluded the unusual fur structure was hereditary and could be worked out by breeding. That was the beginning of targeted mating that produced an oriental looking, slightly bowed cat of medium stature. The breed was officially recognized in 1967, since then, the leprechaun-like kitten with the big ears has always shone like a star at exhibitions. 

It is also noteworthy, the breed name "Rex" comes from rabbit. In 1870, King Leopold II of Belgium tried to register a curly animal at an exhibition. Since the monarch could not be rejected, the exhibitors improvised and raised the animal to the "Rex rabbit" breed, which in turn inspired the cat lovers.

Special Features

The Devon Rex is considered particularly stress-resistant. they show their strong nerves confidently at exhibitions. They are also said to have good intuition with which they encounter strangers and unknown situations.


Breed - Devon Rex 

Origin - England

Size - Medium sized, 50cm head body length 

Weight - 2.5-5kg

Anatomy - Muscular, slightly bowed, long pointed tail, delicate paws

Head shape - Wedge shaped 

Eyes - Almond shaped, widely spaced, all colours allowed 

Fur and colour - Curly fur woithout top hair, all colours allowed 

Grooming - Brush weekly with a very soft brush 

Particularities - Wiskers and eyebrows curled, bat ears 

Character - Friendly, funny, people centric sensitive, playful, headstrong, intelligent